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As of October 20, 2015 we have moved to a new office at 75–170 Hualalai Road, Suite B103. Click here or visit our Contact page for a map link and more information.

Mālama Pono Health Care focuses on the evaluation and treatment of most non-life threatening conditions (primary care and urgent care medicine), in addition to specialized services that provide advanced care for certain conditions.

Primary and Urgent Care

Hormone Balancing for Men and Women

A decrease in the production of naturally occurring hormones often begins in middle age and may produce unwanted effects on the body and mood. One option to consider is bio-identical hormone replacement, which can restore youthful levels of these important hormones. “Bio-identical” hormones are natural hormones that match those produced by the body. Growing evidence supports the value of replenishing these hormones once the age-related decline begins. While bio-identical hormone replacement does not reverse aging, it can often restore energy levels and improve physical and mental functioning.

Travel and Dive Medicine

If you are preparing for an overseas trip, Dr. Christman can provide the recommended medical care (vaccinations, prophylactic medications, etc.). She is also authorized to provide Immigration and Department of Transportation Medical Clearances. Dr. Christman is a referral physician with the Divers Alert Network (DAN) and conducts dive physicals.

BOTOX® Cosmetic

Many patients have experienced remarkable results with BOTOX® Cosmetic. If you would like to try BOTOX for the first time, or are have used BOTOX in the past and wish to continue, please ask about this service.

Effective Weight Management

Dr. Christman has helped many patients lose weight and increase their fitness capacity. Not only do patients feel better about their appearance, but excess weight loss also improves health and reduces the risk of chronic disease.

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