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High quality nutritional supplements can be a vital part of a healthy lifestyle. Dr. Christman recommends only nutriceutical products from companies that provide unsurpassed quality and attention to state-of-the-art research — Metagenics and Thorne Research. Dr. Christman herself regularly uses products from both companies.

Both companies adhere to the highest quality control standards in an industry where such standards are optional. You're invited to visit each company's Commitment to Quality pages and see for yourself!

Metagenics Products

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Click Here to purchase Metagenics products from Dr. Christman's online Metagenics storefront.

Click Here or on the logo above for more information on Metagenics' committment to quality.

Thorne Research Products

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To purchase Thorne Research products, you need a Health Care Practitioner Code. Dr. Christman's code is HCP1037747. You may use this code to order online at Thorne Research by following these instructions:

You may also contact Thorne directly at 800-228-1966 to set up your account.

Click Here or on the logo above for more information on Thorne Research's committment to quality.

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